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Information on Down Syndrome


If you read the page about me. Then you heard me talk of my nieces and nephew. My seven year old niece (Kacee)  is down syndrome. That is why I decided to make this page. To give people places to go for information on Down Syndrome.  

Called either Down Syndrome or Trisomy 21.  
Babies with Down Syndrome are often born with physical abnormalities, such as congenital heart disease,  with a variety of structural, functional, and chemical anomalies. The most common abnormalities are a raised upper lip, depressed nose, high arched palate,  fissured tongue, wide spacing between fingers and toes,  immature retina development. The occurrence of Down Syndrome is approximately four in every one thousand births. However, there is evidence that the percentage of these births is on the rise. This is noticeable in the number of these children being born to younger parents, whereas previously it had been more commonly attributed to older parents. Without question, one of the most significant aspects of instruction for these children is to keep them in a normal environment. The average life expectancy of a down syndrome person is 55 years of age. There have been some adults that have reached 65 or even 70. 

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