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C'escape's Excellence Award

C'escape's Excellent Website Award was created to award excellence on the web. I will visit your site and judge whether it is worthy of my award. I judge on design, ease of accessibility, content and contribution to The World Wide Web. Also, easy to navigate, appealing to the eye (whether or not everything goes together well), and sites that make me want to bookmark or return to them.

If you think your site meets My criteria and you would like to apply, Fill in the form below.

The criteria for my award is as follows.

NO PORNO, WAREZ, RACIST, DEGRADING, or HURTFULin any way. This world is full of enough of that without putting it on the Web.
2. Unique and useful content;
3. Exceptional graphic design/layout;
4. Clear and simple navigation.
5. Must have an English version. Good Luck......

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